Who are you?

Hound Dog House Concerts presents live music in Santa Barbara, California.   We are music lovers who believe that gathering in close quarters to watch great musicians do their thing is one of life's true pleasures.   Audiences can expect top-shelf musicianship in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Musicians can expect a respectful but lively audience and a cold beer, a shot of whiskey, or hot tea as they desire.  Our motto is "Artists and Audience Come First".  And they do.  It's really that simple.  

No really, who are you?  I mean, what's your deal?

John & Kristen Hawkes put on the shows.  It gives us wings.  

A final word:

We do not do this alone.  Our friends and fellow music fans support us with ideas, labor, and inspiration.  Jennifer Sanderfer, in particular, has opened her home and provided a wonderful gathering space for our shows.  Our musical guests support us with their talent and passion.  We appreciate that they take a chance on us and our house concert series.   And finally, our audience shows up to hear musicians they usually have never heard of. They bring open minds, a few bucks for the band, and perhaps a six-pack, a pie, or some guacamole.  It's really cool.