Who Can Come:

To attend one of our house concerts, you must be on our mailing list.  Our show space is cozy and our shows are very much friends-and-family affairs.   To be added to our mailing list, send an email to the "Join Mailing List" at the bottom of this page.  Feel free to pass along info regarding how your heard about our concert series in the message box.  It's great to hear how the word is being spread.


Technically, our shows are free "pass the hat" affairs where suggested donations are made to the artist.  Because of problems with no-shows in the past, we do require a pre-paid reservation fee to attend our shows.  The link to the online reservation payment can be found on the particular show announcement.  With the exception of a small stipend for the sound team and a portion of production expenses, all donated pre-paid reservation fees will be given to the musician.  Any concert attendee who requests that all or part of their reservation fee be returned will have their fee returned promptly - no questions asked.  

Support the Musicians:

The music industry has changed.  Musicians make fantastic recordings and, more often than not, lose money or break even on them.  Playing live is how they survive.  Your donating $ to see them play is critical and appreciated.  To make a gig extra special for an artist, buy one or more of their CDs or a T-Shirt, or a beer cozy.  It all adds up.  

The Scene:

House concerts are just that.  Concerts at a house.  These are not house parties  where the band provides background or dance music.  The music is the focus of the evening.  Before and after the music performance, the vibe is casual and social.  Make friends.  Eat.  Drink. 


Show locations will be revealed after the reservation fee is paid.  Typically our shows are held at a private residence.  It might be a living room, a backyard, or a funky garage.  We reserve the right to move outside the confines of our "House Concert" name and to hold a show in a coffee shop, a wine bar, a brewery, a restaurant, or a small theater.  Why limit ourselves?

Food and Drink: 

Guests are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to share.  Depending on the night of the week, "doors" will open 60 or 90 minutes prior to show so guests can eat, drink, and socialize.


We plan to put on 6 to 8 shows per year.   


Depending on the venue, anywhere from 25 to 65 people attend.  Average attendance is 40-50.

I want to perform at Hound Dog House Concerts:  

First of all, thank you so much for your interest.  Please know that we receive many inquiries to play our house concerts.  The combination of numerous unsolicited requests to perform combined with our very lengthy personal "wish list" combined with the fact that we only do 6-8 shows per year means that we can't accommodate most requests to play.   We hate this.

Why Hound Dog House Concerts? 

We own a coonhound named Romeo.  Romeo is good-natured and he likes to talk and sing.  We hear his entire vocal range every day from a gentle, satisfied groan to the most urgent howl.   He's not always on key, but you can rest assured he isn't phoning it in.  Romeo is too busy sniffing out rabbits and rib-eyes to perform at one of our shows, but his passionate spirit and soulful croon inform much of what we are trying to achieve.  He's a bad-ass dog.

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